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Digitally focused Pitch Consultants

CDO Consultancy is a boutique consultancy dedicated to enabling brands and creative communications agencies create and capture more value in the online space.

We help organisations articulate and implement their growth vision through the procurement and development of digital assets and business units.

We help agencies refine and develop their digital communications and business offerings.

Digital Pitch Consulting

Digital Business Unit Development

Digital Advisory Services


On my reading list this week. Many books on management and strategy are really a single argument—a twenty-page argument—stretched out to ...- Good Strategy / Bad Strategy
Gamestorming is a set of best practices compiled from the world's most innovative people and companies, condensed into a lightweight, low-tech toolkit that applies tools and rules to the problems ...- The future of work is not about dull routine… it’s about being more human.
'Ideas' should be proven wrong not your business. Truth:The Lean Startup method is not about cost, it ...- “Fail Fast” has become a popular term these days. When we say it in Lean Startup, what we really mean is: